I'm tired of this shit, I'm tired getting in pointless fucking fights with people on this server. I'm tired of helping others and not getting help back from them when needed. I'm tired of trying to be someone I ain't. I'm fucking done trying to be a nice person on a server filled with people who fucking hates me. I'm not gonna just say "I don't care anymore." Y'all are getting so fucking annoying day by day and nothing changes. It's like a fucking loop that doesn't endIf you was on my friends list you might wanna check again because I removed a lot of people that I don't see as a "Friend.I also made up my mind I ain't leaving the server I'm staying so everything you read on my old post changed.
it like me i get fucked over by people on the sever and i just need a fucking time off the sever but the people are so nice some times its so fuck annoying that some are so fucking rude (its Dietray ville)

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