Ma vs Doki (Don't be negative to each other)
Okay I am going to be neutral about what had happend on the Ma server I do not know who is lying. Everyone shouldn't behave in a negative way even if they are from a different country, server or have a religon. You guys should respect each other and not talk behind there backs, it's gonna make you look like a bad person on the server. If you don't like the person ignore them, do not talk to them it can lead to a lot of dramas which will lead to bad reputation on the person and yourself. 

All servers should come in peace, do not troll on the server or you will get reported and the Mods can warn you which can lead you to a ban. Even if you do not like the person you should not talk down on them and do not be negative to them it can make the server to have bad reputation which can lead to players not wanting to play on them server.

Mods should also make sure they are listening, watching, hearing people and knowing people names. All Mods should stay neutral even you don't like the players do not be negative at them which can lead you to have problems with other mods, admins or the owner. Also if you think they are trolling because they are on the other server do not punish them without a warning it can lead you to have a bad reputation as Moderator you should always make sure you are watching them carefully.

Everyone should behave in a positive way, respect the players even if they are new, respect the Moderators, Admins and the Owner. Also it is Christmas you guys should relax and have fun playing on ther server.

Yours sincerely 
I agree.

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