Server Title Update (For More Engagement)
The server is doing great, but I thought to myself it could be nice to have a flashier server title for the server listing in gmod!
There's definitely a anime appeal to the server so I think it would be appropriate to capitalize on that.
A lot of FR servers on GMOD have coined anime servers, but not US/UK servers, whatsoever.
This could be a great selling-point and also could drive more activity to the server.

I've created some nice titles here, adding blocks and symbols which makes the text pop; drawing much more attention to the server title (which is huge).
I include easy to recognize anime related words that will denote the playstyle of the server and what can be expected.


1) ▌QG ▌★ Anime Murder Arena ☆ ▌[ 2x Killers | Unboxing | Leveling ] ▌
2) ▌QG ▌★ Anime Murder Mystery ☆ ▌[ 2x Killers | Unboxing | Leveling ] ▌
3) ▌QG ▌★ Yandere Murder Arena ☆ ▌[ 2x Killers | Unboxing | Leveling ] ▌
4) ▌QG ▌★ Murderer's Arena ☆ ▌[ 2x Killers | Unboxing | Leveling ] ▌


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