Anime RP Server
With server donations comes a money pile, what do you guys think about having a ENG/UK anime roleplay server?

I see the list of donations on the server and it is upwards of 3000 dollars. 
I think you guys oughta use it to commission professionals to build a custom game mode, various plug-ins, a beautiful map, and various other utilities such as new admin tools.

Prepare for a huge compiled idea for a RP server, and keep in mind if you guys don't make it, I just might! Big Grin

All this idea requires is a development team of known professionals who can work on a commission to make a last shot at a GMod server which could survive forever.

This server would be a big japanese themed city full of life and roleplay.
Could eventually establish things like a school, a police force, and school clubs.

o Subsidized Housing
o Tokyo/Akiba Cityscape
o University Campus
o Shopping Mall
o Theme Park + Go-Kart Racing
o Movie Theater
o Subway System
o Trolley System
o 100+ Player Server

A school system would work like this:
- Scheduled Classes (Maybe 5 classes per day at different hours)
- Every Class is a Subject, and has a Proctor/Teacher
- Every Class lasts 30 minutes, and involves 10 minutes of discussing a topic, and a player essay.
- Lessons are all pre-planned by the staff and will be executed professionally and with a lot of prejudice. Everyone gets fair grades, and spelling/grammar is never a determining factor for a grade.
- Players use a special plug-in involving desks to make notes + essays and participate in class.
- The essay is graded and the grade is recorded using a plug-in.
- Players get a monthly report of their grade posted in the school listing the top 100 students, and players earn rewards for them. Report is classified by class attendance, and essay scores.
- Teachers are all admins and will moderate RP and the server appropriately.
- There is a detention which is a locked room controlled by admins, and has an appropriate plug-in related to a student/teacher desk plug-in and the "Give Detention" command (listed at bottom of post).
- School is a safezone and players cannot be harmed in it.

A police system would work like this:
- Police will enforce the law IC and OOC
- Police force will be small but can mobilize anywhere
- Crime isn't a big issue but weapons can be found hidden in the map
- Murder RP will be a big part of the server but will have many restrictions
- Police Ranks: Cadet, Officer, Sergeant
- The hierarchy is simply in place so people can have proper command hierarchy
- Police is ruled by admins and there is no single commander but the highest ranking admin online may play as "Chief" during events et cetera and will remain the chief until the chief is not needed anymore (event end).
- There are different models (male and female) for each police rank, and players may not use PAC if they're in currently a Police Officer.
- Police can attend university but must return to the Police Department and change their uniform (model)
- Police must /yell a command to a player telling them to freeze and comply which must be binded, and must be used regardless of mic use, so it is on record.

Public Transport will work as such:
- Teachers/Proctors activate transport before classes along with announcements
- Transport has many seats and players must sit in them when they are traveling
- Players can RP in the transport which is fun, even when it's not moving
- Transport goes in a circle around the map underground to each of the main hubs

Shopping mall will work in this manner:
- Players can get jobs in the mall and shops
- Players can interact with various NPC shops as well as player shops
- Great areas for RP, no other server has this system
- Engaging areas with bright and vibrant atmospheres

- Mall will have a management team of 3 active players who can manage shops

Theme park will work in this manner:
- Players can get jobs at the theme park
- Players can go on trips to the park to ride roller coasters and play minigames
- Management team runs the park alongside the police
- All sorts of games available such as bumper carts, racing, an arcade, boxing ring, swimming pool with various slides and chutes, toy shooting range minigames, and more.

Housing will work like this:
- Large, high-brightness buildings with high contrast walls used for living.
- Floors are not compact, have few rooms on each floor, and are very open.
- Stairways that go around a main square, uniform with the shape of the building
- Central atmosphere in the main floor of the housing, with fauna and npc shops
- Management team for Mall is the same management team for the housing
- Players can be given some perms to build in their room for a temporary time upon request, but it should all be done at once and planning should be done beforehand
- Players pay rent for their rooms and there will be a small fine and demolition if the payment is not completed (weekly rent)

Movie theater is self-explanatory:
- 1 large theater for scheduled movies queued by admins
- 7 small theaters for user content and player controlled monitors

Player Characters:
- Players can purchase various model skins from the shop for credits.
- Various basic models are available to players, 4 for male 4 for female.
- Major overhaul to the player inventory system allowing for 4 accessories, 2 hats, 1 trail, and 1 pet.
- Admins can use PAC3 and only Admins, they can be anything they want but must have a relative bio/backstory updated if they change it.

Weapon System:
- Like in Murder, there are magnums and knives.
- Having only 2 weapons available makes combat extremely balanced and very fair.
- Knives cannot be thrown
- Knives are one use, and a indestructible knife can be purchased for a high price on the community website.
- After a knife kill, players will have low-resolution bloody footprints/markings trailing behind them which last on the ground for 5 entire minutes. These marks glow in the dark and are rather bright.
- Only police can wield magnums and there is a perm for it.
- Police can use knives as well.

Murder System:
- A player must have a knife in hand and roleplay a murder scenario
- When a victim is the target of a murder, they must stop and use /yell to announce they're being threatened, with their exact location, but no other information. 
- For 10 seconds, the player may attempt to run from the murderer with a 10 second head start.
- After 10 seconds have passed since the /yell, the murderer can then pursue and attempt to kill the player.
- Mugging is not legitimate, neither is robbing or extorting.
- A victim in a room with an archway or door, they cannot run away and must die (FearRP).
- If a player is murdered they must announce it with /announce with their current hub location only (not specific) and no other information.
- Police will attempt to investigate and find the perpetrator
- Police when within range of a murderer must tell the perp to stop and freeze, if they see him run after announcing it, they can kill.
- Police can use bloody footprints (screenshot evidence) to follow, but the killer is only known if the killer is alone with his prints. If the player is with any other players they must all be questioned for a 15 minute timed session in which the police must use real evidence and calculate the situation. This is held at the location the perpetrator was stopped when found with others, and police can send each other information about the crime scene over communications during this 15 minute period to help resolve the case. If 15 minutes passes and there's not enough evidence or witnesses, the player with the footprints will be remembered as highly suspicious and goes free. If another player is murdered by this person within 60 minutes, and this player is again apprehended, this player will be killed immediately if blood is seen (screenshot evidence) as they were a previous prime suspect.
- Players cannot murder at/around the school facilities, nor at the theme park, and not while they're on work hours.
- Police cannot murder no matter what, and cannot murder for 24 hours after they resign.
- Players must RP their murder in the local area based chat.
- Players can /announce a murder in progress if they are nearby and hear + see the act in progress. If they just hear it (can read the area chat, or hear mic), they can search for the victim; if they see the killer in the act while the victim is still alive, they can /announce the name and exact location of the murderer.
- If a murderer is /announced by name, at this time the murderer is free to go on a rampage, killing anyone in sight because they are wanted.
- During a rampage the player may still not kill in the safezones
- During a rampage, players are recommended by admins to go to a local safezone.
- During a rampage, any other players may commit murder OUTSIDE, but if they do, they must /announce the first kill with their name and location.

Trade System:
- Players when trading will have a trade menu which they may use instead of dropping items
- Weapons and equippable tool items cannot be traded
- Shop items such as Skins and models can be traded, but items like food and drugs can't be traded but can be dropped as items.

Currency System:
- Players will have in-game credits which can be obtained from working a job, or as rewards for good grades.
- Currency is given as daily log-in rewards (instead of a exploitable paycheck system)
- Money is tradeable and no one can mug a player for money
- Money can be used to rent a home, buy a bicycle (a equippable tool that makes players move faster + animation), buy food and other things 

Credit Shop and Drops:
- Players can buy various accessories, hats, trails, and skins from the shop
- Shop works the same as in Murder
- Players can receive crate drops and money drops for playing on the server
- Refer system from Murder is transferred to this server if possible

Some Requested Plug-ins:
- Player list: a cohesive GUI and players can view the names, biography, RP info, and grades of other players. This is all squeezed into an info panel which players can edit using a simple menu. When selecting a player in the player list, it shows all of this info in a beautiful pop-up panel that draws data from a exported file containing all of the players recorded data. The information of players is recorded and exported as a compressed xml/spreadsheet on google docs which the server pulls from, drawing individual data for the players that are on the server. The process will only load player info upon request and is client-side information which is loaded as a process for players, so it doesn't require server resources. This document is also exported into a cohesive menu on a website which shows the current grades and information of all players ever to be placed in the documentation. This has a search function for players, and can be organized by top grades, by name, and have multiple parameters.
Steam_ID can also be used as a search parameter, and players will all be listed with their full steam information (without IP/Locale listed)

- School essay system + student desks: In the classrooms, players will sit at a desk and listen to a lecture, then write an essay about the lesson. When a player sits at a desk (with the Use function) a small menu pops up on the screen showing buttons for "stand-up" "raise hand" "view notes" and "write essay" and "turn-in". Stand-up allows a player to leave their desk (if a player logs out while in a desk or leaves the desk with text in their notes/essay, the information will be available temporarily for 30 minutes until it is wiped). Raise Hand allows players to raise their hand in class to request permission to speak and this function triggers a smooth animation utilizing the model bones. View Notes and Write Essay functions open pop-ups which trigger a process where the user can write small text files which are streamed to cloud storage / website server storage for temporary use, and includes the active desk user's server name and steam ID. Turn-In allows a player's notes + essay files to be published and saved in the cloud as a compressed text document for admin viewing, which will be graded. All student desks are chained to a main desk which is used by a teacher, and all active student desk information is viewable while using the main desk. 

- School grading system + main desk: In classrooms, a teacher (admin) will sit in a desk at the front of the class which can be set to permission group use only, and will have various functions. the functions are "Stand-Up" "Kick from Class" "Give Detention" "Grade Essays" "Begin Class" and "End Class". Stand-Up allows the user to leave the desk. Kick from class would trigger a very simple respawn of a player. Give Detention would create a console event that announces that a specific player is given detention and triggers a customizable field of teleport co-ordinates (teleport to the detention area) which can be modified for maps. Grade essays allows the teacher to view all current desk information, including namely the notes + essays for every player which also refreshes upon selecting a player/desk; the teacher may select grades (S, A, B, C, D, F) for the papers once they're turned in by the player. An essay will list the player name + steam id + steam profile link at the top with buttons linking to the player info panel and will activate the pop-ups for each with steam browser. Essay and notes will be shown together with a Teacher's Notes sticky pop-up next to it. Closing out of the essay pop-up closes the related tabs and verifies/soft refreshes all imported information upon doing so. 

- Mall + Housing Management system + main desk: In houses and the mall, there is a main desk that has editable player permissions that can be set to admin use only. This desk allows admins to link doors to a system that records player information to be used for tracking the rent fees for housing and properties. This information is all exported and stored in a xml/spreadsheet document in the cloud or on website storage. This information is ported to a website using a cohesive menu to search and organize lists of current door owners (tenants) and their current fees. To pay rent a player must use their door and give to it a specified item parameter such as 500 credits, which is edited at the main desk. Upon paying the information in the document is updated as "paid". Payments all have a weekly timer which can be updated by the tenant's door as either "paid" or "unpaid". When a player uses the pay function, the door attempts to extract the specified item parameters from the player's inventory (inventory parameter is customizable and can be given specific parameters on where to locate the player's inventory, if using various inventory plug-ins). This door extracts only the required parameter and then closes the menu. If the item is not accessible, it does not update the document and it stops the process.

-Public Transport + Seat System: This system works similar to the desks, but the main seat has the commands "kick-out" "engage transit route" "open doors" and "close doors". The functions can be modified, and seats + doors can be designated by admins using a tool which links them to the main controller seat as "doors" or "seats".
The "kick-out" function would respawn a player, and should only be used in exceptional circumstances, such as someone AFK or trolling with alt accounts.

- School server bells, alarms, and soundclips: At events which can be scheduled by admins, bells, alarms, and queued sounds can be played at various times or intervals or when certain events are triggered. The fields are customizable by admins, with full volume control and sounds can be sequenced into queues and linked to various events/parameters. This can be used by the police during times of chaos, or by the school, or to be used during serverwide advertisements. These sounds can also be linked with chat commands by admins.


This would be a very engaging and high-activity server full of fun times and many beautiful places to roleplay. FR servers are the only ones trying Anime roleplay and it's been this way for so long; I don't think they're doing a good job at all, and I think this community could benefit from commissioning a professional map builder to utilize workshop + custom content to build a bustling akihabara/japan themed city with these functions.

The only other server to utilize a school system might just be harry potter and it is quite a joke. I'd love to see this community put a monopoly on anime rp and keep gmod alive.

Figured I'd take 30 minutes to throw together a nice suggestion which will hopefully keep this community afloat over the years and coin on GMod's RP community (which is dying out)

Hope you enjoy!
Currently this is extremely balanced as a mod and would require minimum moderation, just active admins to help with teaching classes and also help with moderating the simple rules.

Players will get on at scheduled times to upkeep their grades and get their log-in rewards; this will turn into people passively roleplaying before, and after classes.

This city must use a lot of bright and vibrant resources, cel-shaded objects would be great! There are many tokyo themed resources in the shop which a world builder could use. I'd love to see this city be huge.

Make sure to do some research and find professionals (which make their own custom content) who would be interested in creating this, I bet people would love to help if paid.

Major activity for this server, and an anime theme is perfect!

This would take a lot of co-ordination with programmers, coders, mappers, and effort, but it is very possible!

Keep this in mind!

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