permagag appeal
squishy apparently perma gagged me for singing over the mic for 4 seconds. clearly trying to make an example of me. its retarded and disrespectful. i wouldnt be surprised if squishy trys to twist the narrative to fit their agenda, im constantly being warned for minor offences cus souls likes to report everything and squishy picks on me cus im weird. its bullshit and im fed up. i dont come on this server to be a dick. i come on here because its got a community of really cool people and a certain few like to ruin that for me.
Shut the fuck up, you legit get on the server break a lot of fucking rules and think no one gonna do anything about it? Fucktard I'm pretty sure you know fucking well I'm black and saying "Nigger" in the fucking chat is gonna make me mad. You already got banned the first time and you went to the Doki server to keep it going like wtf? You also harassed multiple women on the fucking server. Calling me a white-knight because I'm telling you to fuck off and that you're making them feel weird is fucking retarded. Grow up and stop being a fucking idiot for once and maybe you wouldn't had been banned nor fucking permanent gagged.
Hi Barry, 
Unfortunately you've caused a lot of problems on our servers and have broken the rules numerous times. I would suggest on making a better and improved appeal as to why we shouldn't permanently gag you. You shouldn't be blaming others for your actions. 


I am sorry to hear that you were permanently gagged. If you wish to appeal a

punishment of this nature, please use the appropriate section of the forum here.

Click here to find out more about your punishment as well as information on
how to proceed with appealing.
Head administrator of Québec Games
Applications & appeals team

For questions, message me on Discord. HyPnoTiiK#9959

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