Leveling System and Quests
I was playing on a ttt server... I know I know I'm cheating on you guys... but they had this really really cool system for leveling! So basicly instead of leveling just based off of time like the current system quebec has it levels based off of actions done in game! For their server killing Ts, scanning bodies, surving a round, killing as a T, and various other things level you up! Each time you level you'd get a crate, a key, and some points! There was another way to rank up as well Daily Quests! Kill x amount of ts or step x amount of times in a match ect! Each one would give you a random crate, some points, and exp! It was really cool and rewarding! The current system is great I was just thinking something like that if even possible would make the server even better!
It would definitely be awesome to have a better leveling system which is something I might do in the futur!
I have 3 suggetions for player models Snoop dog, osama bin laden and trevor phillips from gta 5 ik this is an anime server but it would be nice to see these models in game and i think it would add some diversity

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