It's time.
Hey guys I thought I'd never make this post but, the time as come. I'am resigning from my staff position from Quebec games. Now this doesn't mean I'll be outright just leaving and never coming back. I'll be on from time to time to say hi and have some fun but for me, Garry's Mod has gotten old for me at least for now I might start playing more in the future but for now I'm not really enjoying it and for me to be so inactive isn't good for my staff team and if I've lost interest then I think its best to leave. I've met so many amazing people and interesting characters and I hope ya'll still play on Quebec Games! Thanks and have an amazing day!
We will miss you Sad
hey dime i have a suggestion for something that could improve the server i think it would be nice if after a certain amount of game play like say you play on the server for like 48 hours you get like a legendary crate or something like that with very high drop chances

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