Perm Gag Appeal
So like 10 months ago, I was quite new to this server. I was into mic spamming a lot, and I got gagged several times for being loud on the mic. Until one day, I was permgagged. I do visit this server pretty frequently, but there have Been so many times where I've wanted to talk on the mic, but I couldn't because I was gagged. Nowadays, I don't mic spam anymore, (mainly because I don't have an ear rape mic). I domt know about you guys, but I've learned my lesson. I just think it'd Be really nice to use my mic again. That's all.
I played a guy slapping someone for 3-5 secs get warned then I start speaking through my mic. This I look in chat and see I was permanently gagged. Alpha virus told me to stop and I did. Then 5 seconds after the round starts I’m perm gagged. I’m sorry if I broke multiple rules, I really truly am. Also, I have never been gagged/banned/kicked on any other server besides this one.

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