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❤ How to Donate ❤
This is just a guide to help people who are having trouble donating.

Forewarning -

Payment methods can include paypal or steam gift cards.
For steam gift cards you need to add and contact Dimentio before hand.

Step 1 ~

Go to the QCGames website - https://qcgames.org/en/home/
From here you need to click on the 'store' button in the top middle of the website, inside the gray bar.

Step 2 ~
Now you're on the store you'll need to select a server. To do this you have to click on the BLUE select server button and insert whether you want your purchase to be on Doki Doki or Murderers Arena by clicking on the specified server.

[Image: HTl98C6.jpg]

Click one.

Step 3 ~

Scroll down until you find the rank section, this should be pretty easy. You're looking for the area where it says 'rank bronze,silver,gold'.. ect
[Image: ori8afi.jpg]

[Image: Z0ayHq0.jpg]

Now scroll down to the bottom of the rank you want and click the select button.

Step 4 ~

Once you've clicked the select button it will take you to the steam page to log in if you're not already logged in on the forums. All you have to do here is log in and proceed with your purchase.This will take you to to a page with payment options and information about your rank to read through.

Step 5 ~

In this step I'll tell you how to purchase the rank, starting off with coupon codes.
[Image: LMSyB4V.jpg]
To get a coupon code, this requires you to have a donator rank already. When you're ready to upgrade your rank go onto the QCGames Forums (https://www.qcgames.org/forum/) and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Here you'll find a forum section to submit a ticket, click on it.
[Image: U2JWBH2.jpg]
Then click on +Create in the top right.

From here you need to write your ticket, fill in the shown categories and then click 'create' shown in the bottom right.
[Image: oPKH19q.jpg]

From here onwards you'll need to wait for a response from your ticket. Eventually someone will get back to you and reply. Once you have your coupon code, go back to the original page and insert it where it says 'coupon' as shown.
Before continuing with your purchase. You can use this coupon code on your own purchase or if you're purchasing for a friend.

[Image: LMSyB4V.jpg]

To the right of your rank information you'll see three options. If you're buying this for yourself click on the BLUE continue icon.
[Image: gjUqZg3.jpg]

This opens a pop up menu. Here you need to click the checkbox and click pay, this will take you to paypal where you can login and pay as normal. Make sure you have your coupon code applied if you're already a donor as this will make your purchase considerably cheaper.

If you want to buy this rank for someone else you'll need to get their steam ID, this is pretty simple as you can just ask them for it or go to a steam ID finder (https://steamidfinder.com/) and enter there custom steam url as shown here.


When you're on steam (preferably on the steam website) and logged in, go to your friends list and find the person you're looking for. Copy their custom steal URL as shown here and then go onto the steam ID finder.
[Image: 5L8dife.jpg]

When you're on the steam ID finder, paste the custom url into the shown area and click the 'Get Steam ID' button.
[Image: 8pewi6Z.jpg]
If this DOESN'T WORK let me know and i'll help troubleshoot and find a way to get the steam ID with you.

Then you need to copy and paste their steam ID into the displayed area and click 'Set' as shown below. Once you have done this click the blue continue button as discussed before and it will take you to paypal where you can continue with your payment method as usual.

Once you have done this, you or your chosen friend will receive their rank shortly. If you don't contact dimentio via discord or submit another ticket asking for help in the category 'donation'.

I hope this guide helps you, If you need any help or have questions just ask in the comments. I made this guide to help someone who was already asking but I don't really know how to explain it well without the images to show how to do it properly.

Thanks for reading 

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I loved it to read.

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