Perm gag appeal
I played a guy slapping someone for 3-5 secs get warned then I start speaking through my mic. This I look in chat and see I was permanently gagged. Alpha virus told me to stop and I did. Then 5 seconds after the round I was not verbally warned through a mic or anything and was p gagged after I started to speak. I don’t know what to do and I’m sorry for breaking the rules. If I’m ungagged i will never use my mic unless I’m spoken to or asked a question. Other wise I will use chat to communicate until then. Who ever 
ungags me thank you. 


I am sorry to hear that you were permanently gagged. However, this is the wrong place to appeal server punishments. If you wish to appeal a gag or a ban from our servers, please visit the link below and follow the given instructions. Make sure to copy, paste and fill out the correct information in a new thread in the Punishment Appeal section of the forums.
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For questions, message me on Discord. HyPnoTiiK#9959

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