[EVENT] Christmas 2018
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This thread is in place to help you getting inspired for the upcoming Christmas 2019 event. The following is only an example of an event that occurred last year for Christmas.

Christmas 2018

Achievement: Christmas Tree
Description: As a community, fully decorate the Christmas tree.

Goal: Players had to fully decorate the Christmas tree by collecting special decoration clues (which had a small chance of replacing normal clues). Collecting a decoration clue granted +1 ornament, up to a maximum of 5 held at the same time (resets to 0 at the beginning of a new round). Players could, with one or more ornament(s) held, hold [E] on a Christmas tree located on the mu_clue_v2 map, which added to the decoration count of the achievement equal to that player's ornament count and depleted all held ornaments. Since the achievement was shared, every decoration added to the tree by any player could contribute to the same achievement. 10,000 decorations were required to fully complete the Christmas tree. The players that most contributed gained a tremendous increase in points and XP rewards.

Since we don't want a community achievement this time, all players will have to complete their achievement individually in order for them to be able to claim their reward. Keep in mind no leaderboard and a reasonable goal that can be achieved solo in less than 15 days (approximately). If you have a good idea for a community event achievement, please still share! We might opt for a shared goal achievement if things get easier this way.


If possible, the event should not affect the usual fast-paced Murder gameplay style, which means rounds should not be overly delayed due to any kind of event. In the above event, the Murderer could participate exclusively by stealing ornaments from other players (if they had any).

Whenever the Murderer killed a bystander that held one or more ornament(s), the Murderer gained ornaments equal to the amount of ornaments held by that bystander.
This way, the Murderer had no advantage (progression towards the event leaderboard) of delaying rounds or not killing bystanders.

Side events

For Christmas 2018, we had

•  Decorations on mu_clue_v2;
•  Christmas music (which replaced Sh-boom on mu_clue_v2);
•  Advent calendar (can contain Mystery Boxes, Rare weapon crates, Legendary crates and other exclusive items).
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