Missing Textures? Click me!
After the most recent Garry's Mod update, many players are experiencing missing textures upon joining the server. If you're experiencing these issues follow the steps outlined below
     1: Go to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1281442587 and subscribe to the server collection

     2: In Garry's Mod, go to the Main Menu -> Options -> Other, and then change
          When a game server tries to download custom content to your computer: Allow all custom files from server
          After selecting that option, click OK and close Garry's mod.

     3: After Gmod closes completely let steam completely download Garry's Mod - Workshop Content

     4: Start Garry's Mod and wait for it to mount Workshop Content, after this is finished try rejoining the server.

[Image: NgGZc7v.png]

If that doesn't work, try Validating Garry's Mod:

     1: Exit Garry's Mod and wait for it to close completely
     2: In steam, with Garry's Mod selected, click the settings cog -> Properties
[Image: PocGj0Z.png]
     3: Click Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files and allow steam to completely validate game files.
[Image: cfh2852.png]

     4: Once it's 100% complete Close out of the Properties windows.
     5: Start Garry's mod and wait for it to mount Workshop Content
     6: Try rejoining the server

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