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I saw no one has posted anything here and even though I know, like no one visits, like ever, I just wanted to make something so that if anyone new to Doki or plays Doki currently has something that shows some kind of activity.  Heart Heart Heart 

So If you See this this is LEGIT just going 2 be me asking and listing quotes and terms that I here/love on the server:

The Doki Doki Book of Terms and Their Horrible meaning:

Oof: It means you failed buddy
You wanna make out (Unicorn): Probably gonna kill ya
Pog: (i legit dont know, and if i did, i wouldnt tell you)
KUROOOOOO or ₳madeus!!!! : someone is breaking the rules and is complaining to air 
Teaming: Your bugging someone or ur being a butt
You've wasted your money: someone bought a rank
(anything colorful, flashing, or BOLD in chat): They will kill you.
Gamer Gurl: People legit just being rude to people with no Pee Pee
Pee Pee: A part of the lower male  body region
MA: Murder Arena, aka the secrect war of which server is more toxic
Toxic: Bish alert
Trap: Probably directed at the player Smo0thie
BUY ME A RANK: Probably directed at the player sheep
Targeting: a big fat NO NO
Canadianism: The act of being or speaking Canadian
Press E on that: Dont. you'll kill yourself.

Simp: Being extra nice to a Gamer Girl while you're a Male will probably make you be called this
Weeb: A person that fantasizes about engaging in Sexual acts with anime characters (this is what the term means if it's being used as an insult)
Default= New player that has just joined and hasn't bought a skin, or a player who has taken of their skin and is left with the normal one.

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