Drama and talking behind people back
Alright let's get this straight I have been hearing a lot of people talking behind people back which is leading to drama in the server and the discord server. Can we all stop talking behind people back and if you still doing it I might as well tell the mods what is going with the situation. Also talking behind people back for no reason when they are not there makes you look like a donkey and clown in the room and also if you do not like them just mute them and stop insulting and disrespecting them it is gonna make you look like a bad person and bad reputation also leading to childish drama for no reason.

If mods are online please be on the look out for people talking behind people back who are not on the server and also they cannot defend themselves. If you hear them talking behind people back you should tell them to stop for being disrespectful and if they keep going and insulting that person that is there or not give them a warning.

Everyone should behave themself even if you do not like the person do not be disrespectful and be positive to them. If you do not like the person you should just mute them. Also if that person leaves do not talk behind there back and also if people hears someone that is talking behind people backs you can message me on discord or steam. Make sure not to start any childish dramas on the discord and on the server.

Yours sincerely 

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Why people are doing this to others, it's awful.
I completely support what you are trying to do here. Neutrality is something that a lot of online gamers aren't very interested in, so It's nice to see someone actually have a similar mindset to me on the forums

The main issue at hand is that the 3 servers see each server as a completely different place as opposed to a massive community that has 3 servers to connect to one another. So some of the cruel players from a specific server will think It's nice to go onto one of the other servers and be rude to them because They think that it's not their community that they're being cruel to, while in reality, it is.

Basically, Until we start seeing each other as another member within the community, we won't see the necessity of being nice to one another.

As for players being rude to one another on the same server, these people have the same issue, but instead are even worse since they don't see any player on any of the Quebec Games servers as a member of the community they're part of. So it's the same issue with them, but even more major.

With that said, The main thing we need to practice is neutrality. Because being cruel or being an idiot makes things worse for everyone, including the culprit behind it.
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A lot of negativity and disrespect to people on the server is not the option I feel like people should just have fun, enjoy and maybe make new friends. A lot of people have been talking non-stop about people behind there backs for no reason or they do have reason than they should't say it on a server which can spread rumors around and a lot of chiildish dramas that is unneccesary.

If you do not like the person the best way is to mute them however, people talk behind there backs when they muted them even if you dislike that person they should not run there mouth like if they are the King of the server.

I feel like everyone should have a peaceful mindset and a positive attitude in the every server doesn't matter if you like or dislike the person you should not talk about something controlversial.
I'm not gonna deny I haven't done it in the past, but then again most people would have done, but it all needs to stop at this rate, all you do is give the respective servers you play on a bad name, and then proceed to ask why we don't get any new players that become 'regulars'

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