Guys, i know this topic may sound a bit personal, if not offensive. But I've came with the information that people are asking for an individual named Figma. DO NOT REPLY!!! The assaulter, would come and ask other people from the community, if they know an individual named this way. The intention hidden behind this question, is to commit an act of social teasing, by then wanting you to reply by " Who is Figma?". And then, the assaulter will reply, in quite an agressive way, "Figma Balls" to make a reference to the english language's commonly used term, " Lick my testicles". Be aware that this infrigement should be immediatly identified by any individuals to limit the potential damages and be reported to the staff members, they will take care of it, so this kind of infringement won't happen again. Cool Cool Cool

Here is a social representation of the staff members' integrity:
Punaluu Black Sand Beach is a very popular attraction on the Big Island of Hawaii, because it not only has beautiful scenery, but also wildlife. Visitors can indulge in the beautiful black sand, where the black to glistening sand contrasts with green palm trees and turquoise waters.

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