D2GA Rules

All rules are subject to change at any time by decision of the staff.

Arena Rules
1. No spamming/flooding (same goes with dropping items, trade requests and numpad character emotes).
2. Do not harass someone in a personal way
     2a. e.g. Weaponizing their real information in anyway.
3. Do not ban evade, your ban time will increase each time you do.
4. Do not spam bone walls/traps.
5. Do not use racially offensive terms.
6. No impersonating other players.
7. All dueling is allowed under the condition that both players consent to duel, this includes GM and BM, both players must consent, or they are not permitted to duel.
8. Do not constantly request for a rank.
     8a. If you’re interested in participating as a moderator for d2ga, contact the staff to discover if any positions are available.
9. Crashing other players isn’t allowed.

Staff Rules:
1. Staff can only issue a verbal warning after a rule is broken.
   1a. If the verbal warning is ignored, the staff member is permitted to use MOD commands to resolve the issue.
   1b. If your initial warnings and actions don’t solve the issue, staff are permitted to use ADMIN+ commands to resolve the issue.
   1c. The order is as follows: Verbal Warning, Mod Action, Admin Action.
2. Staff will not demand nor request respect from players.
3. Staff will be expected to follow the same rules as players do.

Legit Guidelines
1. Legit items must have legitimate stats, as referenced to Arreat Summit.

Void Rules
1. Do not use skills that may lag/disrupt the server.
2. Do not use CTC% skills that cause sprites/textures to disappear.
3. Do not intentionally crash the server using your character.