Nitro Boosting

Nitro Boosting
Last Updated – 07/15/2019

What is Nitro Boost?

Discord Nitro subscribers can boost servers, which adds extra perks to the communication platform. Upon reaching a specific amount of boosts, said servers gain special abilities and various add-ons, like extra emoji slots, higher audio quality when speaking in vocal channels, increased upload size limit, and other many improvements that all users in the server can enjoy. If you decide to support our Discord server through the use of Nitro Boosting, you will be rewarded with advantages.

What do I get for boosting your Discord?

For boosting our Discord server, you gain the following:

  •  A 10% bonus to XP Gain from daily, challenge and score sources in all our Murder servers;
  •  Eligibility to enter certain giveaways hosted by Québec Games;
  •  The red Nitro Booster role on our Discord.

To obtain the above perks after boosting our server, you must authorize our bot by clicking here or type in >updateprofile in the #bot-commands channel if the first option was already completed.

Note: The bonuses listed above will remain active as long as you are nitro boosting our Discord server. If, for any reason, you remove your boost from the server, you will lose access to those privileges.